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The Arkiv Field Pack

Field Packs ($200) allow for the secure and simple attachment of weatherproof accessories to the exterior of the bag. The pack can be used in either “roll-top” mode, or in a traditional “flap-down” configuration. This modular system allows the pack to be arranged to meet your specific needs and gives the pack freedom to evolve and adapt as needed.

Geeft it for $200

Wood Ties by Wood Thumb

No, these remarkable wooden neckties are just right for a man with a unique personal style and a sense of humor, and who likes to keep things informal even when he dresses up. The ties ($34) are made from redwood beams, reclaimed from salvage yards in the San Francisco area. Once part of a barn or warehouse, the wood is cut, sanded and varnished, leaving its natural grain and coloring on display. The individual panels are connected with a hidden elastic cord, which slips easily around the shirt collar. Made in San Francisco.

Geeft it for $34