IEHP In Ear Headphones by Grain Audio

In ear headphones ($99) with a solid wood acoustical enclosure.Earbuds redefined. The 2014 Red Dot Design Award winning In-Ear Headphones from Grain Audio deliver perfect sound and design. Owners of this product can maintain their style without sacrificing any audio quality. The solid walnut casings ensure the best possible sound with crystal clear highs and booming lows.

1st Edition Travel Bag by Hard Graft

This bag ($1100) is a beautiful masterpiece of our forward thinking design and traditional Italian craftsmanship. A holdall with such a high editorial appeal. Casual yet über smart, fitting to every style from dress down denim to sharp suited travelling. An absolute über rich material overload of premium vegetable tanned leather and rugged yet fine wool. Masculine with a sensitive side.

Eco Terra Waterproof Boombox

If you want to take your music with you wherever you go, then Grace Digital’s Eco Extreme Gear line of products is the choice for you. Strap in your iPhone, Android, Samsung Galaxy 2S/3S, any MP3 player or smartphone behind the 100% waterproof clear shell and turn up the volume. The ECOTERRA ($115) houses and protects any cell phone or MP3 player from the extremes of water, dirt, snow, and shock.

Nitecore Sens Mini Flashlight

When you’re packing for your next camping trip, or your zombie survival kit, you need a great flashlight. NiteCore ($40) makes great flashlights, the kind that are ultra bright, super effective, easy to use, and waterproof. These are the lights you want in your pack because they’re the new favorite flashlights in our zombie day packs.

Refillable Cognac Leather Notebook

Unlike a notebook bound with paper, leather lasts forever and protects the inner pages from rain, coffee rings and spills. The leather that binds this notebook ($46), called “Cuba Libre” is a rare, unique material, tanned with water, not chrome, in a century old tannery in the L’Aveyron region of France. It is the roughest, toughest leather in all of France and a real rarity in the world.