evoMouse Virtual Mouse

The Celluon evoMouse ($65) for Windows/Mac OS X is easy and convenient. Setting up evoMouse is quick and simple and requires very little space. It connects via standard USB port without installing software. In addition to common mouse operations, evoMouse recognizes multiple gestures when connected to supported devices. It allows natural movements and doesn’t require pushing around a physical object, evoMouse may help reduce repetitive stress injuries.

Uvex 2014 Urban Bicycle Helmet

Looking for a basic bicycle helmet with everything you need and nothing you don’t? One that you don’t mind if you spill a little coffee on it, or if it gets wet in the rain, or if it gets a scuff or two when you stuff it in your bag or store it under the futon? Then the Urban ($42) is for you - tough enough to take it all in your daily commute yet practical and comfortable, and you know it’s good protection for your noggin because it’s Uvex!.

Lexington Modern Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair

Perhaps no chair is more synonymous with organic design than the Wing chair ($414). First intended as an outstretched reception chair, the piece is expansive like the wings of its namesake. While organic living promotes the harmonious balance between human habitation and the natural world, achieving proper balance is a challenge. It is often left to the designers, those creative leaders of the generation, to guide the way.

IEHP In Ear Headphones by Grain Audio

In ear headphones ($99) with a solid wood acoustical enclosure.Earbuds redefined. The 2014 Red Dot Design Award winning In-Ear Headphones from Grain Audio deliver perfect sound and design. Owners of this product can maintain their style without sacrificing any audio quality. The solid walnut casings ensure the best possible sound with crystal clear highs and booming lows.